Monday 29 May 2023
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Replica Top Handle Bag Mini Model, PanthÈre De Cartier

Cartier has officially launched the Panthère de Cartier with a new top handle style that brings existing bag collections such as the Must de Cartier and Double C de Cartier into the women’s bag collection. If there are 3 words that best describe the new Panthère de Replica Cartier Handbags, it’s sharp, structured and stylish. that’s why.

Replica Cartier Handbags

Chic. Panthère de Replica Cartier Handbags has chic sharp lines and clean edges that make it stand out clearly from every angle. Panthère further enhances the effect by disguising itself as a C-shaped engraved clasp on the front flap, making each bag look like a gem. Jeanne Toussaint used leopard print extensively during her tenure as creative director in the 1940s, and now it’s turned into a beautiful logo closure in collaboration with Cartier’s accessories design studio and high jewelry engravers.

Replica Cartier Handbags

Structural. The trapezoidal design is designed with a structured top handle for an always upright position. Even the handles and gusseted compartments are reinforced to maintain their strength, giving you a sturdy handbag that’s guaranteed to withstand everyday wear with ease. The mini size (18.5 x 15 cm) and the small size (21 cm x 18 cm) have the same structural profile, so you can choose according to your preferred size.

Replica Cartier Handbags

Fashion. The main feature of the Panthère de Replica Cartier Bags has to be the stylish jewel buckle, with black lacquer dots that perfectly imitate the fur of a leopard. Each piece is hand-polished for extra brilliance before being placed over wavy Palmelatto leather. The latter was chosen because its scratch-resistant glossy coating is the perfect base for this sharp, structured and stylish handbag.

Replica Cartier Handbags

To make Panthère de Cartier even more special, Replica Cartier Bags has extended a personalization service that allows you to add your initials (or date/anniversary) to the hot-stamped gold foil. Alternatively, you can engrave it on the endoscope for a discreet touch.


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