Monday 29 May 2023
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Replica Marni Pannier Leather Shoulder Bag Tote

Although Reokuca Replica Marni Handbags Pannier Leather Shoulder Bag Tote is a bucket bag, it is not a traditional drawstring bucket bag. The opening of the bag is in the form of a snap, which is much more convenient to use than a traditional bucket bag. Moreover, this button is still a styling point. When you open the button, the whole bag is round and relatively straight. If you buckle the button, the bag will completely change into a shape, a bit like the roasted wheat we eat, haha!

The most distinctive feature of Pannier is its handle design. The large ring design is very unique. Whether it is carried on the shoulder or worn on the wrist, the feel of use is very good. It is especially recommended that you try it yourself. In addition, there are many different materials on the handle of the Replica Marni Bags, such as metal, resin, and cymbals, and the color of each Pannier handle is different, but the colors are particularly good-looking.

Replica Marni Handbags

Especially this Pannier with white and mint green color, translucent matcha green on the handle, crystal clear, looks fresh and textured. In addition, this season also launched a very expensive Pannier, which is a satin material with a snakeskin handle. The gloss of the satin and scales makes this Pannier look very high-level, and it is not frightening to take it to a dinner party. .

Not only the color of the handle is very good, but the overall color of the Pannier Replica Marni Bags is also very artistic. Even if many colors are matched together, they look very coordinated, and the colors are warm and gentle.

Replica Marni Handbags

There are two main colors of this bag, one is pure color, and the other is color matching. The color matching Pannier is suitable for fashionable girls, and the solid color is more suitable for artistic girls. In the latest season of Pannier, I especially like this white bag with three handles. The bag looks very elegant overall. With the color-matching handle, it feels like a rainbow appears on the clouds.

Pannier inherited the characteristics of Replica Marni Handbags, not only high-value but also very practical. In addition to the handle, it also has a shoulder strap that can be carried on the shoulder or cross-body. Occasionally, it can be tired and you can take it out.
However, I still think that it is best to carry a hand or put it on your arm, so that it can highlight the very design ring handle.

Replica Marni Handbags

Because the Replica Marni Handbag itself is not very large, there is no compartment inside the Pannier, maintaining a complete space, and it is easier to put things in it. Don’t look at its small size, but girls can use it daily enough, such as wallets, card holders, mobile phones, cosmetics can be put down, go out shopping, drink afternoon tea is most suitable.

Replica Marni Handbags

I have to say that Pannier’s design is really fashionable, and it is especially suitable for taking pictures and concave shapes. It looks good on the street. Many stars and fashion bloggers have already used this Replica Marni Bag! Although Pannier has a styling strap, the handle is very bright, even if wearing simple clothes, it is very fashionable. Guo Caijie’s black jacket, jeans, and small leather shoes, paired with brown Pannier, showed a cool taste.


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