Monday 29 May 2023
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Replica Loewe Gate Series Cowhide Flap Crossbody Bag

As the saying goes, “the designer’s heart is the needle on the bottom of the sea”. Before the Replica Loewe Bag show started, I stared at this promotional look for a long time. Is it a candy house? Cartoon hat? Or deconstructivism?

Later, this “dumbo” hat was known, and it was a tribute to a “propeller” hat invented by the San Francisco hat artist Coret in the 1940s. In fact, I thought about it so much that I wanted to see if I could find some clues about the new series from this picture, but then I found out that I had guessed wrong.

Replica Loewe Bag

For the third time to participate in Replica Loewe Handbag big show, I chose the latest Mini Puzzle with a deconstructed look, which is also to cater to the hot natural theme in recent years. As always, Loewe’s show this year was held in the UNESCO Building in Paris. When I entered the show and took my seat, I discovered that there was a halo on every other spot on the white wall, with portraits from the 16th or 17th century hung on it, depicting gentlemen and ladies from the time of Mary I of Scots to King Charles I. .

Replica Loewe Bag

Don’t ask me how expensive these paintings are. I only know that once the show is over, there is no time to watch them up close. These “selfies of that era” were picked off by the staff or other fashionistas who don’t know if they were the staff or other fashionistas. …Many of the designs in the new series are inspired by the court costumes of these portraits.

Replica Loewe Bag

Prints and semi-hollow designs are Replica Loewe Handbag styles that can only be consumed by the nobles in the Middle Ages in Europe. As for the figure below, in terms of the details of the broken sleeves and the neat style, this is the ancient palace dress that did not run; but in terms of tailoring and texture, this is the thinking that only modern fashion has!

Replica Loewe Bag

It stands to reason that palace and minimalism are two contradictory words, and Replica Loewe Bag has achieved a seemingly contradictory design to achieve the effect of “beautiful”. In order to further fit the theme of retro, Loewe blended flax, knitting and lace together. At the same time, in Anderson’s own words: “The mix and match of fabrics is also the best way to express yourself.” At this point, Anderson has indeed set a good example for most commercial brands.


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