Tuesday 3 October 2023
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Gucci bagi GG Marmont 2.0 Medium Quilted Camera Bag Black

GG Marmont series mini chain replica bag tote, mini-size more refined introverted, the new double G logo more thick, more elegant. Black, red, pink, black and white fight color is the main section of the money, very wild look. Body petite thin Amy Stone back this mini bag size, type grid just right, not too strong or too sweet, is so modern fashion street tool. Replica gucci bags GG Marmont latest Tote models, black and white corrugated color, white, red and so on, power is the hands of black and white fight color, fresh and fashionable in front of everyone, this super gas field and the whole with the CHIC degree is not also let you severely stunned a.

This saddle-shaped head GG Marmont is the first launch of the series, I believe we are no stranger. Replica gucci handbags GG Marmont 2.0 Medium Quilted Camera Bag Black Busty atmosphere, tiger head decoration and GG logo fusion, so that the bag is full of magic and charm. In addition to the classic caramel brown, there are dark powder, black, red, exudes a thick retro atmosphere. GG Marmont enjoy the peerless style, saliva has flow to a place? Have to say, once designed slightly Hao Hao and old-fashioned Replica gucci bag, with the creation of Alessandro Michele to enter, now is getting better, increasingly dazzling.

Replica Gucci Handbags

This is about to sweep the autumn and winter street fashion new GG Marmont, breaking the fashion circle on the large Logo design habitual contempt of prejudice, the brand classic history of double G pattern as a hand buckle, the continuation of the 70’s brand inspiration , But also show a unique contemporary spirit. If you look so much for a time GG Marmont colorful replica bag totefeel a little dazzled, you can also choose to start with their own big double G logo get the bag feel the classic design of The New Replica gucci bags. Both hold the literary, but also with a good calm atmosphere of the professional attire, is the autumn and winter this year, cost-effective replica bag toteof the best choice.

Now the quality of replica bags can be done exactly the same as genuine. Usually men in the business style of travel, you can pick the GG Marmont series, high-quality black leather, with the retro to do the old metal double G buckle, luxury and modern integration as one. Or Men’s Animalier series, both playful and style, clamshell metal head decoration for the soft leather black Bering leather finishing touch. This re-design of the double G LOGO series, called GG Marmont. Alessandro Michele is a designer with serious literary and artistic feelings, so in his idea, history is the most beautiful decoration.

Replica Gucci Handbags

GG Marmont’s original intention is to make history and popular pass, gave birth to his heart the most literary works. The double G pattern was used by Alessandro Michele as a buckle for handbags – it was not the first of Alessandro Michele, but for the brand’s new knowledge. Double G pattern in the 60’s began to appear on the handbag, to the 70’s became a landmark design. Originally this pattern is only used for buckle and other parts, when the United States before the first lady Jacqueline Kennedy often back Jackie O Replica handbags out of the street, which makes this handbag was a lot of famous celebrities snapped up.

gucci bagi to this handbag bag body added a large number of double G pattern, making this pattern appears in the handbag on the main design began to pop, and therefore created a whole trend of the times. Now the direction of the double G, nor is it recently emerged out of the design, which dates back to Tom Ford’s era. As early as 2002, Tom Ford fancy Alessandro Michele’s talent, he moved to the command, and adopted a number of Alessandro Michele contribution to the idea. In Alessandro Michele to Replica gucci bags after the first quarter of the design, he tried to change the traditional double G, that is now we are familiar with the GG Marmont.

Replica Gucci Handbags

The name “GG Marmont” has the same origin, it is inspired by a hotel in Los Angeles called Chateau marmont hotel: This hotel is a landmark hotel in Los Angeles, numerous celebrities have lived here, and there are many A high society party will be held here. The most recent film like Sofia Coppola “Somewhere” is shot here: the famous Oliver Stone is also filmed here the film “The Doors”: Lana Del Rey in the song “Off To The Races” described in the pool, garden , Bathroom, glass room … … is also located in this hotel. The hotel’s decoration style is full of the last century, Los Angeles celebrities favorite retro style, the hotel does not even deliberately re-decorate the fresh style, but want to use this way to retain the memories of the golden age:

Replica Gucci Handbags

This is the GG Marmont series will have a lingering “old old” feelings of the reasons – Alessandro Michele of course in the past, while in this series to give a new era of popular ideas, both literary and fashionable, naturally Very nice move. This element naturally appeared in the gucci bagi handbags: and accompanied by GG Marmont double G buckle, art was no more complex. Ni Ni love is this one ah, her temperament particularly quiet girl, carrying a street is really no hustle and bustle – a bag can also be good years up, and now probably only Alessandro Michele do.


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