Monday 29 May 2023
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Furla METROPOLIS Leather Shoulder Diagonal Handbag

It seems that no one has ever compared the two models. I bought these two models online from the past few days, one Ruby red and one Rosso red. Anyway, the US side is free return, now it has left metropolis, it has already used half. For many months, Julia was retired, and she took a few photos of the contrast and blessed everyone.

Let’s talk about color first, Julia is a hot Ruby red, metropolis is Rosso. Ruby is a bit darker, and Rosso is a little brighter and closer to being red. I think it looks good, but I love Rosso more, but the difference is actually not big. In addition to the leather, Julia is a cross-grain leather, the texture is not as good as the lychee skin of metropolis. In terms of size, the two are really almost the same size. The first one looks like the metropolis is much smaller. Actually it is not. It may be affected by the shape of the lock.

Furla Handbags

FURLA Handbags METROPOLIS Leather Shoulder Diagonal Replica Handbag, Julia is long, metropolis is slightly square, and there is a small lock in the middle. I like metropolis to look a little more. On the side, because the Julia I bought should be a rivet version, there is a pile of rivets, and the metropolis has a red key case with the key to its own lock.

Furla Handbags

Chain, Julia is an ordinary flat chain, metropolis is a round chain, more exquisite and beautiful! I like the metropolis chain very much, and the texture is especially good. Interior, metropolis is all red, there is a slot for the card pack, just put my card pack in ~ I bought a Furla Bags card pack, can put 7 sheets. Julia is inside the cloth, and then there are three card slots for the card. Of course, I prefer to be able to put a card pack because it is more convenient.

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At the bottom, I forgot to take a photo. I remember that there is no four rivet support at the bottom of Julia. There is a metropolis. I can make up the bottom picture of metropolis in the next day. Julia can’t do anything about it.

Capacity, almost! ! I usually put a card pack, iphone 6s, lip balm, two lipsticks, a home key, a car key to go out, or have a balance to put other things, such as a passport, I don’t have a short wallet, but I should be able to put it in the organize. under!

Furla Handbags

If you have a little more budget, you can choose metropolis. When I buy it, it will cost more than 50 knives. I think all aspects are better than Julia. The first time I saw this little replica bag was Julia of outlets. I felt that the texture was very good. Later, after I sent it, I found a careful comparison, or metropolis! However, if you don’t care about the little details, Julia is also a good choice. In addition, this small bag is simply a good match for travel, light! Good match! The capacity is very good! It’s not very wear-resistant, you don’t have to worry about scratching all day, and you like it.


  • Quality8
  • Price8
  • Style7
  • Practical7
  • Space7
  • 7.4