Tuesday 3 October 2023
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Fendi 3 Jours Fur-Trim Leather Satchel Bag Gray

Replica Fendi bag, every year there will be a new bag launched, whether it is high-end brand or niche brand, can find a practical and the value of the burst table is really very, very difficult. In recent years, young FENDI seems to have changed, Replica Fendi Handbags launched by the packs sought after by the actress are aware of this charm is quite large, even the girlhood of Tiffany, fashion ladies Olivia Palermo, Korean singer Pei Xiuzhi, South Korea Actress Ji-Yuan et al are frequently carrying Fendi’s tote bag appeared in front of the camera, so much charm really want to study the reason why. This small tote bag introduced this bag you must know that it sets fashion, practical, good-looking, durable in one, three fashion FENDI IT tote bag you can not know, to start the new bags of girls may wish to refer to.

Replica Fendi Handbags

2Jours tote bag since its introduction has been highly sought after fashion people, until the 2014 spring 2Jours handbag family added two new members: Demi-Jours and 3Jours, and soon after this tote bag wave swept all the fashionable women love 2Jours Women love the bag more Demi-Jours and 3Jours. By 2 Jours popular momentum, Fendi has launched a series of new members 3 Jours. The source of the name: French 2 Jours means two days, 3 Jours on behalf of three days. Retaining the technological features of 2 Jours and expanding its wings to provide greater capacity. If 2 Jours is a commuter bag, then 3 Jours is the corresponding “weekend leisure” tote bag. Size is currently only one, the color of cobalt blue, bare powder, is red and other options, materials and more use of leather.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Simple classic Fendi 2Jours series members of 3Jours handbag has attracted attention in the fashion circle. Remember Fendi 2014 autumn and winter show floor, at the time which handbags have set off a wave of color, different color combinations in various forms, full of its playful taste. Citrus Yellow 2JOURS calfskin shopping bag with detachable shoulder strap and customizable nameplate with enamel detail. Bright yellow color like the sun, gives a visual sense of satisfaction. Large stone slate gray printing crocodile leather smooth calfskin 3JOURS shopping bag, palladium metal decorative details. The classic interpretation of the dark in the end, such as crocodile skin tough as the surface to be met. Large wine red 3JOURS calf shopping bag, elegant and noble, simple and stylish, Fendi Fendi 2Jours series 3Jours handbags officially launched, different colors to interpret a different personality, is about to set off a wave of color.

Replica Fendi Handbags


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